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Arthritis & Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle arthritis can be caused by a prior injury, wear and tear, deformity or actue inflammatory conditions for instance, Rheumatoid arthritis or infection.  When an ankle is injured, it is susceptible to many debilitating conditions such as osteonecrosis.  Osteonecrosis damages blood flow to a portion of the ankle bone and as a result causes increased inflammation in the joint and eventually arthritis. Infections of the ankle joint can cause damage to the cartilage cells, restricting the ability to regenerate and eventually causing permanent damage to the joint.  Genetic pre-disposition to arthritis is not well understood but affects some individuals uniquely, causing their joints to wear out faster than others.

Pain associated with ankle arthritis is one of the most frequent reasons patients seek medical treatment by an orthopaedic specialist.  If you are experiencing severe ankle pain or restricted movement from arthritis in your ankle, you may be a candidate for an ankle replacement. Ankle joint replacement is one of the most successful treatment options for disabling ankle arthritis, as it helps to relieve pain, restore motion and get you back to enjoying normal, everyday activities.  Since its inception over 30 years ago, there have been tremendous advances made in this procedure.

Similar to total hip or knee replacement total ankle replacement surgery removes the damaged cartilage joint and surrounding bone from the ankle joint and then filling the gap with artificial components that restore ankle motion.  After completing ankle replacement surgery and a structured rehabilitation program, patients are able to return to their daily activities pain free.

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